SUCCESS isnt about how much money you make; its about the difference you make in peoples lives.


Our vision is a community that helps inspire greatness in others.

JC Inspiring Greatness provides Inspiring Leaders stories of how they have successfully made the journey to the top of the ladder. Business Intelligence is a series of shared articles to help up-skill Travel and Tourism Industry, authored by some of the best leaders in our industry.

Leaders are time poor and JC Inspiring Greatness is one way of mentoring to a larger number of industry professionals with a small investment of time. With the simple philosophy that together we can make a difference, help inspire and upskill our industry.

We hope you are inspired and you too can share your knowledge and help inspire others, paying it forward. The ripple effect of sharing Inspiration, Business Advice and How-to Articles can make a real difference. 

Welcome to the Jito Connected Community. I am an entrepreneur in every sense of the word – I am putting myself out there, risking it all, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and breaking a lot of rules along the way. Thanks to you and your incredible support of Jito Connected we have been growing at such a fast pace. The past two and half years have been HUGE!

It has been a wonderful journey of delightful events and incredible lasting experiences. But sometimes it just takes one moment of insane courage and you can change your life for the better and when your dreams align to your purpose, you feel life-inspired. Jito was originally known as a platform for advertising jobs direct to the industry. I made the decision to build a beneficial online community with the purpose of helping the industry build networks and connect. I believe I have succeeded in doing exactly that and the Jito Connected Community has grown much quicker than I expected.

A true ENTREPRENEUR isn’t someone who owns a business, it’s someone who makes MAKES THINGS HAPPEN


matheus-ferrero-226756I never dreamt I would become a technology innovator, however, now I am hooked and realise you can do so much more than disrupt with technology. You can use it for the greater good. With some help from some amazing developers we have built some kick arse technology. I am proud to say that we completely own our unique platform.

“THERE is a FINE line between BRILLIANCE and INSANITY!  Don’t be AFRAID of what others think. BE FREE to be YOU.

What I love about working in the Travel and Tourism Industry is most people are working in the industry because they are passionate about Travel and doing what they love and our community is all about that passion. Jito Connected social media community now has thousands and thousands of members. Some are connecting sending friend requests, others are sharing their content on the newsfeed and some are attending events, while others keep an eye on the jobs that employers advertise directly on Jito. Our weekly electronic newsletter is now received by 20,000+ in our community which is loved for our innovation and imagery.


Our inspiring women leaders event is an initiative to help drive equality. How is it women are still paid dramatically less and we don’t have enough female leaders at the top in 2018? Oh, it is both courageous and dangerous making a stand on something so important and I have had some hate mail over trying to drive this change and declaring myself a feminist but a modern-day feminist is someone who believes in equal rights and equal pay regardless of sex or gender. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the right person for any job but if not enough women step up and lean-in then employers do not have choices. We hope through education and inspiration we make a dent and help drive a movement of equality in our industry.


The next evolution of Jito is the Inspiring Greatness site which shares stories of Industry Leaders. I took the liberty of interviewing some people who have inspired me personally in the industry to help inspire our community and show that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and are brave enough to step forward and have an insane moment of courage. Remember stay open because opportunities are everywhere.

Of course, I am not alone in this journey. All the amazing imagery, creative design, marketing, the JC Book and site and weekly electronic newsletter, is the work of Whitney Taylor, my oldest daughter. With a Bachelor in Design Whitney brings the JC vision to life. She even designed the look and feel of the JC APP. I never set out to be disruptive however, that is the result of innovation and we have only just begun. We have big dreams, lots more ideas and innovation in the pipeline. We are going to keep going until we have touched and connected with everyone in our industry.

We love sharing your ideas and articles with the community and we hope you will keep engaging with us as we help build a network that focuses on making a difference. Your stories inspire us so keep sharing them. When you believe in your purpose enough and have a driving cause, something bigger than yourself steps in.

So, join the community and be part of a positive impact in our industry. 

Here’s to being Inspired & Connected!